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A story of impact


Meet nalani

Nalani Kopp is a visionary leader, who empowers Social Enterprises and Enterprise Clients by leading teams through the design, validation, and scale-up of new digital business models, products, and services. She envisions a greater future by evoking positive change and taking calculated risks to achieve outcomes. If you are looking for someone to guide the scaling of your business, please reach out below.


Identifying as an international, she enables collaboration through cultural insights she has gathered through her global business experience.


Since 2015, has also developed immersive Diversity & Inclusion programs and shared solutions for 20+ companies across industries from Banking to High Tech. She was recognized for her work at Tech Inclusion conferences hosted by Google, Viacom, and Deloitte.


Raised with a sense of purpose and desire to contribute to society, her family demonstrated that anything could be created with your imagination and the tools within your art cabinet. Nalani found her voice through dance and her purpose through yoga - new pathways to deeper meaning and healing from life's lessons.


For the first 5 years of her career, she devoted herself to guiding urban minorities to find their voice through alternative learning and support programs.



Nalani continued her customer and employee experience consulting when hired by Bluewolf, an IBM company in 2017.


She contributed both to clients and IBM’s own Digital Transformation journey using Change Management & Learning programs to support Merger & Acquisition growth strategies.


Leading by example, she innovated within several women’s organizations and represented IBM at the Women in IT Awards Gala in NYC in 2018.

Ray of Light

Independent at age 18, Nalani began managing full suite operations in small businesses.


While ensuring excellent customer experiences, she shared how writers and artists are activists for social change with her university students.


Desiring to innovate and have a greater impact in NYC startups, Nalani transitioned to a career in technology.


Nalani automated operations and integrated solutions, enabling employees to amplify client satisfaction by focusing on the people-side of customer experience.


Red Wood
Woodland Path

In  2018, Nalani relocated to Amsterdam to expand her international experience to a high growth market in EMEA.


She joined Capgemini to continue working with clients in unifying their digital customer experience journey, specializing on the Salesforce platform. In her role as Innovation Manager at ABN AMRO Bank, she guided her client in creating new business models and refining their go-to-market strategy for a new cybersecurity blockchain venture.


Her entrepreneurial knowledge inspires clients to think beyond the art of the possible.

Adjacent to her enterprise consulting work, Nalani continues to advise across industry on sustainable Diversity & Inclusion strategies.


She is recognized as a keynote speaker and spoken word artist in her community. 


She launched ArtherapyHQ a digital community for change makers to heal and to inspire one another. Her goal is to also counteract violence against women globally.

As the pandemic emphasized life's priorities, Nalani decided to return to her home in Brooklyn in 2010. She led, a high growth SaaS company, in developing an enterprise consulting methodology.

Nalani rejoined IBM as a Delivery Executive in the Customer Transformation Practice, specializing in Enterprise Salesforce Transformations leading 100+ person agile teams with an innovation-first mindset.


Nalani is always looking for new, creative ways to make an impact. If you're a leader of a social impact or

non-profit, she would love to speak with you about your impact goals.


Send her an email below to get in touch!

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